Your Hosts


Pilar Avila

Founder & Host

I am a passionate human striving for higher self-awareness, health, happiness, living free, eradicating judgment and lifting every living being with compassion.

Over the last 27 years, I have provided leadership at institutions across the private equity, hospitality, and nonprofit sectors, earning a strong reputation as a business and civic leader. I am a change agent passionate about the rise of diverse leadership, promoting equal access to economic opportunity and investing in education.

After giving the best of me to other great endeavors for 25 years, I launched a management consulting practice serving organizations with missions I am passionate about. As I continue a transformative life expedition, I will be blessed to travel with you. Let’s journey together.



Lisa Avila

Co-Host & Master Concierge

I have held a variety of management and support positions across several industries including banking, real estate, law, human resources and healthcare. A common thread through my career has been a keen dedication to service clients, often engaged in high impact or life changing events.

My first passport was issued when I was 10 years old and spent 30 days traveling through Europe with my grandparents. Since then, I have visited 13 countries across the Americas and Europe.

As your Master Concierge, I will assist you in researching flights and any additional custom-made experiences ahead of your retreat. You can also count on me to take any steps to ensure you have a most pleasant journey.

As Pilar’s big sister, I have been blessed to share her life’s journey since her first day in the world. I look forward to many more adventures with her and with all of you.

Erin Grossman 1.JPG

Erin Grossman

Co-Host & Los Angeles Market Representative

I am a certified yoga teacher and holistic health coach, and I am delighted to collaborate with team Renovad.

While building a corporate career and recognizing the amazing benefits of the yoga practice, I decided to launch a yoga business to share with the world my love of the practice and all of its life benefits. I completed 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification through Yogaworks with Carmen Fitzgibbon, Joan Hyman and Chad Hamrin, and another 75 hours with Schuyler Grant at Wanderlust in Los Angeles. My classes are sequenced thoughtfully to facilitate a greater sense of awareness of habits, stillness of the fluctuations of the mind, strengthening and flexibility of the body, and a softening of the heart. 

I am co-hosting the Renovad retreat in Morocco Nov 27 – Dec 1. I am excited to be a part of this community and can’t wait to journey with you all!


Susana G. Baumann

Co-Host & Media Parter

I am an award-winning business writer, published author and public speaker with a proven track record in multicultural marketing initiatives, community relations and organizational development for government agencies, cultural entities, non-profit organizations and corporations reaching out to diverse audiences.

I have extensive experience in partnering with key community leaders and professional experts, community advisory boards and government officials to carry out collaborative projects and public awareness campaigns in the education, healthcare, pharmaceutical and public health environments.

I am the founder an editor-in-chief of Latinas in Business Inc., a source of opportunities and inspiration on entrepreneurship, lifestyle and wellness through their digital platform and events.

I am delighted to co-host the Renovad retreat in Italy on August 27-31. See you in Rome!


Veronica Torres Hazley


I am a hospitality executive, a Yoga and mindfulness teacher, and founder of Hey Chica, a movement promoting self-care and providing a shortcut for Latinas to find a path to their best life with a sisterhood of women to lift them, mentor them, sponsor and support them along the way.

I have a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with American Power Yoga and a 200 Hour Meditation Teacher training with Sacred Seat in Dallas, Texas.

I am committed to supporting Latinas and all women raise their voice, find their tribe, and thrive.

I am excited to be the co-host for the Renovad retreat in Costa Rica June 20-27, 2020.