Travel to Italy


Are passports, visas and vaccinations required?

A valid US passport that is NOT due to expired within 6 months of travel IS REQUIRED. There are no visa or vaccinations required for travel from the US. We recommend purchasing travel insurance with health coverage should any emergency arise that require medical care.

Which airlines provide best access from the US?

Alitalia, American Airlines, United, Delta, Norwegian and other international airlines provide convenient flights from many US hub cities to Fiumicino (FCO). We are glad to help you research flight options.

What is the time zone?

Italy is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.  

What are the options for airport transfers from airport to Hotel Isa?

At FCO Airport you can find taxis at the arrivals area of Terminal 1 & 3. A one-way trip to downtown Rome will take 40 to 60 minutes for a flat fare of € 48. 

Leonardo Express provides non-stop train service from Rome Airport to Termini Station (Rome’s trains hub) between 6:23 am through 11:23 pm, departing every 15-30 minutes, with an approximate ride of 32 minutes. At Rome Termini station, you can take Leonardo Express from platforms 23 and 24, starting at 5:35 am with last train at 10:35 pm. One-way ticket costs € 14. 

What is the weather like in Rome and Pompeii?

By end of August, summer weather begins to turn into fall with average high temperature in Rome of 87° F and low of 62° F. Keep an eye on the forecast as it has been a hot summer in Europe.

What should we pack?

Other than your beauty potions and customary toiletries, we recommend packing light fabrics, comfortable walking shoes and sandals suitable to walk on cobblestone streets, your Pilates attire, and do not forget to bring any prescription medications. When visiting churches, it is important that to cover shoulders, upper arms, knees & toes. Skirts must be below the knee. Sandals are not an option. You may carry a jacket or scarf just to put on when entering churches.  This dress code applies to churches only, not to museums. 

What level of experience is required to enjoy the Pilates sessions?

Our Pilates sessions will accommodate all levels, including guests who are not avid practitioners or might never experienced Pilates - this would be a great time to start or recommit to your practice!

Can we communicate in English?

Italian is the official and most widely spoken language in Rome. However, Rome is a large tourist city, and many within Rome's major tourist areas speak English. It is always a good idea to learn a few key phrases:

 Si = Yes.

No = No.

Per favore = Please.

Grazie = Thank you.

Prego = You're welcome.

Mi scusi = Excuse me.

Buon giorno = Good morning.

Buona sera = Good evening.

Buona note = Good night. 

What is the currency and customary payment options?

The official currency of Italy is the euro, even though the country is still somewhat a cash-based economy. However, most shops and merchants in Italy’s tourist areas are well equipped to accept card payments – Visa and Mastercard are more common than American Express. When paying with credit card, it is best to use one that does not charge for international ATM withdrawal, or currency conversion.

Using your ATM card in Italy should not be an issue but it is important to make sure that you consult your bank first. Most credit and debit cards have a security and fraud lock that prevents them from working overseas, so make sure you get the lock removed before you travel.

Rather than exchanging cash in the US, it is usually less expensive to use your credit or debit card at any ATM wherever you land in Italy. We always recommend having local currency, including small bills for tips and other miscellaneous expenses.

Do we need electric converters?

Yes. Italy uses 220 voltage.  

Will my cell phone work in Italy?

Contact your carrier for best options to enable cell phone and data use in Italy. Unless you have set up an international package with your provider, cell and data use could be expensive. 

Are there any safety precautions to observe?

As it is the case with travel to any country, one must practice caution and common sense. This includes not wearing expensive looking jewelry, not flashing large sums of cash in public, keeping a good hold on cell phone and cameras, and staying aware to avoid pickpocketing. We recommend using a zipper cross body bag for comfort and worry-free exploring.

Before you leave the U.S., leave a color copy of your passport along with information about where you will be lodging with a loved one in the U.S. If you need the U.S. Consulate or Embassy while on tour, click here for locations and phone numbers in each Italian city.