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Pilar Avila



Over the last 26 years, Pilar has provided leadership at institutions across the private equity, hospitality, and nonprofit sectors, earning a strong reputation as a business and civic change leader. She is regarded as a strategic, innovative, multidisciplinary, results-oriented change agent passionate about the rise of diverse leadership, promoting equal access to economic opportunity and investing in education.

Inspired by her journeys travel across 5 continents and 18 countries, experience hosting world leaders, passion for Pilates and Yoga and her own ongoing transformation, Pilar founded Renovad, a series of retreats, as an extension of her management consulting practice, interDUCTUS.

Pilar began her career in hospitality management with Hilton International and the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau. As the Bureau transferred her from San Juan to Washington DC, Pilar was immersed in the burgeoning Hispanic market and later joined the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a VP of Marketing & Events.

As Palladium Equity Partners Vice President, Pilar was part of the team that raised a historic Hispanic market investment fund of $780 million. Pilar also provided leadership in amplifying Palladium’s brand positioning and reach in the investment community and the Hispanic market.

As chief executive officer of New America Alliance, Pilar led implementation of the NAA mission focused on building on American Latino success while bringing diverse leaders and communities together to forge a stronger America. Under her leadership, NAA launched the Access to Investment Capital Initiative which has opened access to billions of dollars for diverse asset managers.



Master Concierge


Lisa Avila


Lisa has held a variety of management and support positions across several industries including banking, real estate, law, human resources and healthcare. A common thread through her career has been a keen dedication to service clients, often engaged in high impact or life changing events.

Lisa’s first passport was issued when she was 10 years old and spent 30 days traveling through Europe with her grandparents. Since then, she has visited 13 countries across the Americas and Europe.