PUERTO RICO: San Juan & Guanica

May 26 - 30, 2020

With a fusion of Taino, Spanish and African cultures under the US flag, located between the large and small Caribbean Antilles, Puerto Rico is a fascinating place to experience. You will vibe with the rhythm of cosmopolitan and old San Juan in the north Atlantic Ocean coast, and will journey across the central mountain range to bathe in the crystal waters of the southern Caribbean Sea. You will walk through 500 years of history on the cobblestones of Old San Juan and El Morro Fort. You will be embraced by flora and fauna where the ocean meets the rivers of the San Juan Estuary in an exclusive boat tour not available to the public. You will bask among mangroves, corals and colorful tropical fish in a secluded biosphere reserve in Guanica, an unbeaten path rarely reached by visitors. And you will be nourished physically, mentally and spiritually with a daily yoga practice, including our first session on paddle board in the San Juan Lagoon. 

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